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Ionic Aura Rainfall Shower

Case Study - Jess in Kenmore

Jess enlists the help of Conrad Martens Plumbing to fix her leaking bath taps. Watch how the Liberty 2 solves a situation that can normally cost thousands of dollars.
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DIY Renovation Tips: Replace old 2 taps with a Flick Mixer in 10 minutes!

An inexpensive DIY-solution to replace old taps with modern fittings without any plumbing work For many households, old, worn-out, ugly-looking, poorly working kitchen, bathroom or laundry taps are often the last on a home’s “to-do” list because they can involve tricky, messy, and costly workmanship to replace them. But you can now retrofit an in-wall breech system with trendy, quality mixer taps easily, quickly and affordably. Any modestly-talented DIYer can do it. Quoss Reno Transformer series offers a range of products which will do away with the problems associated with updating old plumbing systems. All too often something old needed to...

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