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DIY Renovation Tips: Replace old 2 taps with a Flick Mixer in 10 minutes!

An inexpensive DIY-solution to replace old taps with modern fittings without any plumbing work

For many households, old, worn-out, ugly-looking, poorly working kitchen, bathroom or laundry taps are often the last on a home’s “to-do” list because they can involve tricky, messy, and costly workmanship to replace them. But you can now retrofit an in-wall breech system with trendy, quality mixer taps easily, quickly and affordably. Any modestly-talented DIYer can do it.

Quoss Reno Transformer series offers a range of products which will do away with the problems associated with updating old plumbing systems. All too often something old needed to be broken to accommodate something new, which is often the case when it comes to updating taps and fittings. A plumber often has to break tiles, reconnect pipes or install waterproofing to replace a faulty tap.

After eight years of R&D, Quoss patented a new technology that solves age old plumbing problems including: When handles of cold water and hot water are either too close or too far apart; When in-wall pipe recess tee protrudes from the wall or is too deep from the wall; When one recess tee is deeper from the wall than the other; When the breech is buried or distorted or leaks; When the thread of a recess tee is worn out.

The Australian-designed Quoss Reno Transformer product-range solves these problems with: A fitting system that enables the water flow to be blocked off at the existing passage and diverted to a new exposed mixer which prevents breakages in the wall when transforming; Size flexibility; Allowances for distortion, enabling easy installation under different circumstances; Cover up of any gap size from the wall and adjustable rim thickness; A “tap holder thread connection with water passage” for basin and kitchen taps.

You can even achieve a shower transformation in the bathroom in four steps:

  1. Turn off the water and remove all old shower or tap fittings
  2. Retrofit the new mixer
  3. Turn the fitting’s inner cylinder clockwise
  4. Fix the rail bar firmly over the BP19 where the old shower head used to be

Using the company’s fitting technology many new products can be retrofitted into old bathrooms and kitchens including: a thermostatic shower; diverter for bath; and taps for kitchen and laundry. This is good news for renters since the system is interchangeable. Renters can take it with them when they move and don’t need to make a drill hole for the rail bar.

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Quoss Reno Transformer

Shower, Bath, Kitchen, Laundry

July 2015

DIY fix for old taps

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